Foundation Bite of Reality App grant deadline is Aug. 31

Foundation Bite of Reality App grant deadline is Aug. 31

August 15, 2018

The deadline for National Credit Union Foundation Bite of Reality App grants is Aug. 31.

The Foundation seeks to distribute up to $50,000 in grant funds to credit union organizations as part of this effort.

The RMJ Foundation developed a Bite of Reality App to modernize reality fairs and add technology to the in-person reality fair experience, allowing students to use their mobile phone or tablet during the fair in place of pen and paper. Using media that is second nature to them allows students to fully immerse into the reality fair experience. The Bite of Reality App replaces student materials - notebooks, calculators, pencils, checkbooks, and worksheets--while still requiring the students to engage with the volunteers and navigate the hard sales environment that is integral to the reality fair experience.

“The Foundation has seen first-hand the profound effectiveness of Reality Fairs for over ten years. We are proud to fund the opportunity to bring technology, additional scale and reach to the reality fair experience through the Bite of Reality App,” said Gigi Hyland, Foundation executive director.

Support from the National Credit Union Foundation has allowed the app to be customized and used by others across the credit union movement. Benefits of utilizing the app include gained efficiencies and savings on the purchase, storage, and shipping of student materials. Credit unions that have used the app have seen increased engagement by students and the simplified process allows students to complete the fair in less time with fewer volunteers. The Foundation is funding up to $5,000 per organization to cover the cost of basic customization of the app.