CUNA/leagues named most influential fin. serv. advocates

August 22, 2018

CUNA and the League system are seen as the most influential financial services organizations and one of the most effective advocacy organizations in Washington, according to an independent study conducted by Ballast Research (formerly National Journal Research). Once again, CUNA is the leading association at representing the interests of its members, due to its success in creating the credit union narrative and sharing their story among Washington policymakers.  

“The CUNA/League system is viewed as the trusted voice of credit unions and a respected advocate for credit union interests among policymakers,” said CUNA president/CEO Jim Nussle. “The competition for awareness on Capitol Hill is fierce, so knowing where we stand among influencers in Congress is important. Being an influential and effective source among policymakers means they welcome our calls and visits. We educate and fight for credit union issues on Capitol Hill and are proud to celebrate this major accomplishment.”

Ballast Research gathers policymakers’ perceptions for the 100 of the most prominent advocacy organizations.

The research findings are based on two key measurements:

  • Long-term reputation, which is calculated by a combination of scores in four distinct measures: respect, consideration, influence and Sharing; and
  • Advocacy tools/tactics to include media, lobbying and research.

More than 1,200 policymakers were surveyed, and more than 400 senior policymakers were interviewed for the 2018 report. 

Other highlights of the study include:

  • CUNA is named number one #1 in representing the views of credit unions among organizations studied;
  • For the third year in a row, the CUNA -League System are rated the most influential financial services organization among organizations studied
  • Policymakers have greater respect for CUNA’s role in policymaking than its peers;
  • Policymakers see CUNA as the best in the industry – and in the top 25% of all associations studied – at talking about the financial services industry in ways that matter;
  • CUNA leads all associations studied in representing the voice of its membership for the second year in a row; and
  • Significantly more so than its peers, policymakers see CUNA as setting high standards for the financial services industry and pushing industry practices that are beneficial to consumers

In a comparison of the 48 most prominent associations in the study, CUNA and the leagues’ reputation is rated number nine by Washington’s senior policymakers.