Scott Segel

‘This is my niche’

Scott Segel always lives the credit union philosophy.

November 27, 2018

Scott Segel started working at WestEdge Credit Union in Bellingham, Wash., as a member service representative on July 31, 2002. He had previous experience in the financial services industry working entry-level positions at local banks.

Not long after starting at WestEdge, he says now, he learned that he always had been living the credit union mantra of “people helping people.”

“I’ve always had a certain way I’ve worked and interacted with people,” he says. “With my experience in banking, it was apparent that the culture at the credit union was much different. I felt like I finally belonged, like this is where I was supposed to be all along.”

Segel has never looked back. Today he serves as WestEdge’s vice president of operations, and even though he’s gained experience working at the $60 million asset credit union, he’s never thought of moving to a bigger shop. 

‘It’s not what I do individually. It’s what we do as a team that matters.’

“This is my niche,” Segel says. “We don’t have to be the big boy on the block to be successful. Small and midsize financial institutions play a super-important role within our communities. I take great pride in being a part of that.”

He also takes great pride in empowering employees. “Their success is my success,” he says. “It’s not what I do individually. It’s what we do as a team that matters. Having the opportunity to work with an outstanding team that makes an impact in our members’ lives is why I consider myself fortunate to be doing this.”

Segel also serves as president of the Northwest Corner Chapter of Credit Unions for the Northwest Credit Union Association.

And if he feels like talking about credit unions at home, he can always turn to his wife, Jill, who works at $245 million asset Industrial Credit Union of

Whatcom County in Bellingham. “Neither of us worked for a credit union when we were first married,” he says. “We just kind of landed there. Now, we find how each other’s credit unions operate as interesting and educational. Not only are we nerds for each other, but we also are nerds for the credit union movement.”