Marcus Cotton

Hunting for top-notch talent

Marcus Cotton strives to identify ‘undeniable talent.’

December 31, 2018

Marcus Cotton is always looking for the next generation of leaders.

Cotton serves as vice president of executive recruiting for Credit Union Resources Inc., the service corporation of the Cornerstone Credit Union League, where he has found ways to use technology to identify undeniable talent.

“I love seeing organizations go to the next level because of leadership we put in place,” Cotton says. “I also love seeing people go to the next level in their career. I have endless stories I can tell about people who now run or help lead outstanding organizations.

Cotton and his team always are developing new recruiting techniques and tools that competitors don’t offer in an effort to transform the way credit unions search for executive candidates. Under Cotton’s leadership, Credit Union Resources has invested heavily in advanced databases, digital presentations, and video technology.

‘We’re looking for problem solvers.’

“He’s passionate about bringing in good talent to help our industry grow,” says Jon Gorman, senior vice president at the Cornerstone Credit Union League, which serves credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

An advocate for the credit union industry, Cotton is eloquent and thoughtful in how he discusses partnerships with prospective clients. He also is constantly mapping out ways to make the next generation of credit union leaders successful.

“We’re looking for problem solvers,” Cotton says. “What you’ve done in the past is important, but what you can do moving forward is more critical.”

Cotton has ambitious goals for Credit Union Resources—he hopes to lead the organization to become the No. 1 executive search service for credit unions in the U.S.

His passion for credit unions stems from the family feel he has witnessed throughout the industry, and the fact that credit union leaders work hard to help their members.

“I recently visited a credit union, and they told me that when they turn down a loan, it has to have two signatures,” Cotton says. “One person cannot deny a loan. They want two sets of eyes to look at the application and see if they can find a way to make that loan. Try to find that at a bank.”