CUNA launches ‘Credit Unions Vote’ MAP campaign

September 24, 2018

CUNA launched its “Credit Unions Vote” campaign this week, which is focused on getting credit union members to vote in the November mid-term elections. The non-partisan campaign features a website where credit union members can visit to check their registration status, register to vote, participate in early voting and find their polling place.

“Credit unions understand that elections directly impact their members,” said CUNA Chief Political Officer Richard Gose. “With the ‘Credit Unions Vote’ campaign we will be reaching out to America's credit unions to make sure they understand how these elections affect them as part of a credit union community, and to encourage them to get out and vote this November.”

The goal of the campaign is to ensure consumers understand their stake in the November elections, both as credit union members and members of the country. According to recent data, 44% of registered voters belong to a credit union.

Those who visit can also share social media posts using the hashtag #CreditUnionsVote.

The “Credit Unions Vote” campaign is part of CUNA’s Member Activation Program (MAP), a program designed for credit unions to get members engaged in credit union advocacy. Through MAP, CUNA provides customizable content geared around specific campaigns, allowing individual credit unions to deliver the content to members, and members discover ways to play a role in the future of their credit union.