Aisha Scott

Observe and improve

When designing training programs, Aisha Scott doesn't ‘reinvent the wheel.’

January 15, 2019

Training new employees is not the easiest responsibility–it requires patience, knowledge, and the ability to see the end result before it manifests.

That’s what makes Aisha Scott, an organizational effectiveness consultant for $1.2 billion asset MECU of Baltimore, so good at her job.

In less than a year, Scott has revamped two of MECU’s primary new hire programs—new employee orientation and teller training. Simultaneously, she redesigned the member service representative training program and took on design and facilitation work for several smaller training sessions for internal departments including business services, compliance, and retail delivery.

“I don’t like reinventing the wheel,” Scott says. “So, I observe what is working and then venture out to improve.”

In her first year, she has established herself as trustworthy and resourceful for employees. She enjoys creating a more streamlined and efficient process for the company’s training programs and employee development projects.

‘I observe what is working and then venture out to improve.’

“She displays a true passion for human resource work and is eager to make an impact where she can,” says Anthony Daniels, MECU’s director of employee development. “She produces outstanding results and makes teammates better by offering feedback and support.

“In 10 years, I have no doubt that Aisha will be well established running her own organization providing financial education programs to citizens throughout the Maryland and D.C. area,” Daniels continues.

When developing a new training program, Scott prioritizes the content and order of the presentation based on the needs of the end user. She’s driven by helping people get to that light bulb. Scott ensures training sessions are relevant, engaging, and offer training participants easy-to-follow resources to refer to when they need a refresher.

Scott says she looks forward to seeing the end-result after the hard work is done.

“Many people don’t realize all of the behind-the-scenes effort that goes into rolling out a new project or training session,” she says. “It’s like preparing for a wedding. You determine what the big reveal should look like and then you diligently put in the time, effort, and multiple rough drafts, rewrites, and dress rehearsals to make sure the final presentation is perfection.”