Janine Roldan

Digital is where it’s at

Janine Roldan leverages digital tools and innovative products to transform members’ lives.

September 25, 2018

Janine Roldan leverages digital tools and innovative products to transform members’ lives.

“What satisfies me most is seeing the results of new products and marketing campaigns, and how they can change people,” says Roldan, chief marketing officer and product development manager at $123 million asset Pinnacle Federal Credit Union in Edison, N.J.

A holiday promotion, for example, allowed members with low credit scores to access low-rate loans.

“These are the people who are struggling,” she says. “It was great to hear how thankful and excited people were that we could help their families.”

Roldan, a 16-year credit union veteran, is a self-taught digital marketer.

‘Don’t ignore the digital world.’

Using a fully integrated electronic delivery channel sparked an increase in loan applications from 360 during the first five months of 2017 to 862 during the same period this year. The system cut processing times, saved paper, and provided a more convenient and personalized member experience.

In 2017, none of Pinnacle Federal’s borrowers signed loan documents digitally. But this year, 70% of borrowers did so.

Roldan also helped implement a system that allows members to scan their driver’s licenses to pre-populate much of their loan applications, simplifying the application process and speeding up processing.

She relies heavily on email campaigns and social media to market the select employee group-based credit union.

“A lot of our members do not live close to our main branch, so email is key for staying in touch with them,” says Roldan, who constantly evaluates email open rates and subject lines to see what’s working.

Email blasts heighten members’ exposure to products and services, and increase response rates, she says.

Roldan also uses sponsored posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A robust digital marketing presence is essential to meeting members’ needs and growing the credit union.

“Don’t ignore the digital world,” Roldan says. “It can be overwhelming, and some credit unions are hesitant about it. But it’s the future of marketing, and it’s where you should be.”