Stang shares advocacy, awareness message

Stang shares advocacy, awareness message

October 19, 2018

The Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) kicked off its annual MAXX Convention against a backdrop of unprecedented state and federal policy advancement wins, and impressive 55% market share of membership.

In his opening keynote address, NWCUA President/CEO Troy Stang offered high praise for the Northwest Credit Union Movement’s commitment to advocacy and engagement.

“Your united advocacy efforts have resulted in measured progress in advancing the credit union cause at home and in the public policy circles at every level,” Stang said. He specifically cited passage of credit union charter improvements in all three states NWCUA represents--Idaho, Oregon, and Washington--and the landmark passage of the federal Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act this year.

Such wins for credit unions, Stang said, are “good public policy. Credit unions provide a balance to the credit structure in this nation. And it’s important we underscore the vital nature of this balance regardless of the political climates in the state capitols or in the DC Capitol Beltway.”

While celebrating the fact that 55% of Northwest residents are credit union members, Stang also encouraged NWCUA’s member credit unions to support “aligned and coordinated public messaging strategies,” including the national “Open Your Eyes” public awareness initiative launching in 2019.

“All of us know that credit unions can help consumers achieve their fantastic future faster,” Stang said, “but it’s time to do something bold to make sure the other 45% of the population places credit unions in their consideration set and turns to credit unions to help them achieve their dreams.”

Stang believes credit unions hold the power to generate a new level of excitement and understanding of the importance of credit unions. Cooperative principles, Stang said, “define the difference between credit unions and the greed of Wall Street.”