CLC2018 Give Back Event

Packing a nutritious punch

Attendees prepare sacks of fruits and vegetables for food bank during conference give-back event.

October 29, 2018

Volunteers at the CUNA Lending Council Conference played a role in teaching kids the importance of eating their fruits and vegetables during a give-back event Sunday.

About 20 conference attendees packed 2,054 bags of potatoes and Granny Smith apples into five-pound bags for the Orange County Food Bank’s Farm to Kids program.

The food bank goes into schools in low-income communities and teaches kids about nutrition and the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. At the end of the program, kids receive a five-pound bag of produce.


  • Slide 01

    Mark Lowry, director of the Orange County Food Bank, tells the backstory behind the give-back opportunity.

  • Slide 02

    Volunteers pack the bags with potatoes.

  • Slide 03

    Each bag contained eight or nine Granny Smith apples.

  • Slide 04

    Volunteers work on selecting potatoes for the bags.

  • Slide 05

    Volunteers work to fill the bags with apples.

  • Slide 06

    Royce Ngiam, vice president of marketing at Partners Federal Credit Union—which serves employees of The Walt Disney Co.—places a completed bag in the storage box.


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