Honor thy workplace superheroes

Honor thy workplace superheroes

Which superheroes do you have at your credit union?

November 13, 2018

I just read Credit Union Magazine’s annual Credit Union Rock Star issue (sponsored by Fiserv, as it so happens).

It’s dedicated to those unique, innovative people who excel in their areas of expertise—and by doing so make our movement a better, more interesting place.

When you read their stories, you will see them on their (metaphorical stage) swinging their (metaphorical) guitars, and belting out (metaphorical) lyrics.

But a better way to think about these crazy diamonds is realize they have special abilities—superpowers, if you will.

And who has superpowers? Superheroes like these:

• Superman: Stronger than an NCUA exam. Faster than a network connection. Able to leap gigantic mounds of work in a single day.

Fact: Sometimes has awkward wardrobe malfunctions as telephone booths have disappeared.

• Batman: Swooping to the rescue from the shadows, this superhero has a toolbox of ideas and skills to get anyone out of a jam.

Fact: They may drive a Prius to work, but have you seen their other car?

• Ironman: Probably in the IT department, this nerdy tinkerer can fix anything, anytime with a few keystrokes and a reboot. When things get tough, count on them to don a bullet-proof suit and jump into the fray.

Fact: Their desk looks like they bought out the inventory when Radio Shack closed.

• Deadpool: This is that one person who, no matter how terrible the day is, makes everyone smile. Born with a unique sense of wit and humor, they make the workplace both fun and enjoyable.

Fact: They give job stability to the entire HR staff.

• Spiderman: Employees stick to this superhero like glue as they have a unique ability bring people together on any issue. Once caught in their web, the fundamentals of collaboration work to lift the entire organization.

Fact: Many of them suffer from arachnophobia.

• Captain America: This staff member is so involved in the community they are often mistaken for an elected politician. Pure of heart and mind, they are the moral and ethical backbone of the organization.

Fact: Their shield is actually a laptop.

• Flash: This person can zip through a month’s worth of work in a day. Learning from them is difficult as their actions and work seem to be a blur.

Fact: Their favorite drink is a quad shot espresso and an energy drink chaser.

• Wonder Woman: She can lasso a member into sitting down and sharing their life’s story. Members are naturally drawn to their charm and feel comfortable telling them everything.

Fact: Her Fitbit deflects bullets.

• Thor: Wielding a mighty hammer that can pound compliance challenges into submission. Never will you see a black rain cloud over this employee’s head. In fact, they provide a spark so others can make the impossible happen.

Fact: His brother is a bit of a jerk.

• Doctor Strange: This staff members sees things differently than others, generally from knowing how things work intimately. And like magic, they use their knowledge to help others.

Fact: Their book choices on Amazon are really weird.

Every credit union has its own set of superheroes. These are the people who lead not by title but by trust and charisma.

Often they are appreciated not for their words, but rather for their work and the passion behind it.

One thing they all have in common is the ability to change someone else’s life. And this is a special ability given to everyone.

 Which superheroes do you have at your organization?

JAMES COLLINS is president/CEO of O Bee Credit Union in Tumwater, Wash., and Credit Union Magazine’s humor columnist.