Secret Meals
Alabama CU provides weekend sustenance to Alabama schoolchildren through its Secret Meals for Hungry Children program.

'Secret Meals' provide weekend sustenance

Alabama CU fulfills a nutrition gap in its backyard.

February 1, 2019

While many children in Alabama and Florida receive free and reduced-cost breakfast and lunch at school during the week, the weekend leaves a nutritional gap.

Alabama Credit Union in Tuscaloosa fills that gap by providing weekend meals to children through its Secret Meals for Hungry Children program.

Each Friday, children in need receive nutritious meals slipped discretely into their backpacks.

Currently, 2,500 students receive Secret Meals food packs in Alabama and Florida, where 22% of children live below the poverty level.

The $880 million asset credit union holds fundraisers throughout the year to support the program.

Employees chip in through Friday jeans days, and they pack and deliver meals on Fridays.

“Employees are very proud of this,” says Kelley Porter, marketing director. “It’s part of our culture, and every week we have a great team-building exercise. It’s a great feeling to be part of this organization."