Find creative materials, webinars at Awareness Initiative homepage

December 11, 2018

CUNA members can access creative materials, recorded webinars and other resources detailing the Awareness Initiative and “Open Your Eyes” Campaign. The webinars, as well as complete details on the initiative, can be found at

The campaign is designed to educate, inspire and help consumers join credit unions, CUNA Chief Strategic Communications Officer Douglas Kiker said. Kiker led webinars on the campaign in recent weeks, outlining how the campaign will reach consumers and what the goals are once they are reached.

The awareness homepage contains a link to a video outlining creative materials, including websites, videos and other resources, as well as a discussion on how results will be measured to ensure the best deployment of resources.

“This will be digital first campaign. For two reasons, that’s what we think funding will allow, and because we’re using an incredible amount of sophisticated data, which we’ll figure out how to get to the right people at the right time on the right device with the right message,” Kiker said. “This campaign will be highly targeted, taking advantage of every piece of data. This means we’re not simply relying on tactics and messaging from the past, but getting into how we learn about consumers, about what they’re in the market for.”

The first webinar details:

  • The research that has informed the ongoing work on the initiative, including thousands of interviews, surveys, online roundtables with credit union leaders, as well as focus groups and surveys with credit members and non-members;
  • The primary myths that the initiative will confront, that consumers “can’t join” a credit union, and credit unions are “only local;”
  • Information on the national brand platform and other resources; and
  • Ways the initiative will measure progress and success.

Another webinar, recorded earlier this week, details how the campaign will be strategically deployed to reach consumers on mobile, desktop, TV/radio, streaming and other avenues.

“We’re taking a brick by brick approach, working with leagues and credit unions to build into national efforts,” Kiker said. “By doing it in this way, and turning the vast majority of fundraising dollars into media buys in the areas where credit unions operate and want to operate, we’re building something more sustainable, more viable financially and tied to success of credit unions in those areas.”