Workforce evolution: Part II

Workforce evolution: Where is your team heading?

Lending executives, boards embrace strategic role.

January 9, 2019

Whether you’re a lending executive or a board member, you’ll be more forward-thinking and strategic in nature in the future, according to a wide selection of leaders we talked to about the evolving nature of the credit union workplace.

This week, we look at what the future holds for directors and chief lending officers (CLOs). Some highlights:

  • Directors will be more deeply involved in setting strategy due to the ever-changing environment, says Nhu Yeargin, board member at $2.6 billion asset Langley Federal Credit Union in Newport News, Va. “Directors need to understand the current state of the industry, including the financial environment, technology challenges, and economic conditions of their market.”
  • Successful CLOs will embrace change, master data, and “push the boundaries of automation,” adds Mike Long, executive vice president/chief credit officer for $2.8 billion asset UW Credit Union in Madison, Wis.

Next week we’ll look at what human resource officers, chief operating officers, and branch managers can expect.

What dynamic changes are you experiencing among your workforce? Tell us more.

BILL MERRICK is a deputy editor for Credit Union National Association. Contact him at 608-231-4076.