CU jobs: What will tomorrow bring?

January Subscriber Exclusives

The evolving credit union workforce.

January 2, 2019

As part of our move to quarterly publication, Credit Union Magazine will deliver weekly Subscriber Exclusives to readers via email in addition to the print magazine.

January’s Subscriber Exclusives examine the evolving credit union workforce. Articles include:

 Confront complexity with curiosity. Tomorrow’s leaders will balance more elements in a dynamic environment.

• More tech, strategy on the horizon. Board members need to diversify skills, welcome technology, and sharpen strategic awareness.

• Data energizes storytelling. While future marketers must be skilled in data analytics and digital technologies, they won’t abandon traditional marketing strategies.

• Culture champions. HR leaders will focus on the employee experience and advocate for the credit union’s culture.

 Technological, not traditional. Chief lending officers incorporate data, analytics when challenging conventional loan delivery systems.

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