Maxine Waters calls on financial groups amidst shutdown; Credit unions already on the ground

January 23, 2019


CONTACT: Lauren Williams – CUNA Communications; (202)     

Washington, DC (January 23, 2018) – Credit Union National Association (CUNA) today sent a letter to House Financial Services Committee (HFSC) Chairwoman Maxine Waters in response to her recent call on financial institutions to assist those affected by the federal government shutdown. America’s credit unions, without having to be prompted, are embodying their philosophy of “people helping people” by ensuring that all credit union members have access to low- or no- interest loans with generous repayment terms.  

CUNA estimates that there are at least 500 credit unions that serve a field of membership that includes federal, state or local government employees. The number of credit unions that serve one or more government employees is likely significantly higher.  

“Without having been asked by the government, credit unions took immediate action and responded to the needs of their members facing financial crisis as a result of the shutdown,” said president/CEO Jim Nussle. “Credit unions are on the ground helping those affected on a widespread basis and are honored to stand with their members during this time.” 

Credit unions across the country have stepped up, providing assistance and solutions to their members by:  

  • Offering zero interest personal loans; 
  • Extending existing loans; 
  • Providing free financial counseling, debt management and financial education; 
  • Waiving early withdrawal penalties on certificates of deposit;  
  • Allowing members to skip a payment on current loans;  
  • Offering loan modification programs; 
  • Providing credit protection services; 
  • Offering loans matched to pre-existing direct deposit; 
  • Providing mortgage loan forbearance; 
  • Increasing credit lines temporarily; 
  • Supporting community efforts to provide assistance; and 
  • Offering individual financial solutions. 

“Now, it is time for Congress and the administration to do the right thing by reopening the government, paying public servants, and getting on with the country’s business,” Nussle added. “Americans deserve a swift and complete resolution to this crisis that is the government shutdown.”  

CUNA is currently aggregating a list of hundreds of credit unions that are offering assistance to their members, updating the list daily as responses are received.  

The letter also addresses the critical role of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) in their willingness to accommodate the widespread nature of activity during the shutdown. CUNA acknowledges the limits in place to the regulator’s willingness to accommodate and credit unions ability to provide financial assistance.  




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