CUNA awards two small CU scholarships to GAC via contest

March 6, 2019

Two small credit unions were awarded full scholarships to the 2019 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) for submitting the best loan promotion ideas in the Discussion of the CUNA Small Credit Union Community, as part of a contest sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group. 

The contest asked credit unions to submit their most creative and successful loan promotions within the Small Credit Union Community, the most active online peer collaboration resource for small credit unions nationwide. The top two promotions were selected by the CUNA Small Credit Union Committee, the national trade group’s advisory body of credit union leaders who track and work on the issues facing small credit unions.  

All submissions, which totaled nearly 50 entries, will be turned into a book of loan promotions that will be accessible to users of the CUNA Small Credit Union Community. 

“We want to thank all the participants of this fantastic contest,” said Teri Robinson, president/CEO of Ironworkers USA FCU, Portland, Ore., and chair of the CUNA Small Credit Union Committee. “Not only will two credit unions have the opportunity to attend the biggest credit union conference of the year, the submissions have created an invaluable resource for small credit unions looking for help attracting more loans.”  

The winners of the contest were Commodore Perry FCU, Oak Harbor, Ohio, for an employee-sponsored emergency small-dollar loan program, and Kauai Government Employees FCU, Lihue, Hawaii, for a disaster-relief loan promotion created for victims of recent flooding.  

Both winners will have the opportunity to attend the CUNA Small Credit Union Strategic Planning Roundtable on Sunday at GAC, which is also sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group. The workshop will teach attendees how to run effective strategic planning sessions.  

Credit unions under $50 million can attend CUNA GAC in Washington, D.C. for a discounted price of $695.  

“CUNA Mutual Group congratulates the two credit union winners for their excellent entries and looks forward to seeing them at the CUNA GAC next month,” said Bill Farley, CUNA Mutual Group sales manager. “We also thank all credit unions for taking time to enter the contest and for all the excellent work they do in serving their members.”