Happenings at Booth 457

Happenings at Booth 457

We're sharing your GAC experience through podcasts and video.

March 11, 2019

Booth 457—the CUNA News home base during the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference—is where we're having terrific conversations with attendees and exhibitors about their GAC experiences, how they make a difference in members' lives, and their latest innovations.

Stop by during Exhibit Hall hours and share your story with us.

Here are some conversations we've had:

Tom Davis, president, Trellance


John Sackett, director, Royal Credit Union


Vinnie Brennan, president, credit union solutions, Fiserv


David Reed, Reed & Jolly PPLC


Gene Pranger and Jed Taylor, POPi/o


Tom Kane, president/CEO, Illinois CU System

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