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How Coinstar Can Benefit Your Credit Union

How Coinstar Can Benefit Your Credit Union

Proven platform provides a turnkey, accurate, and reliable coin-counting service for your branch operations.

April 8, 2019

Credit union members place their trust and finances in your hands every day. Joining a credit union is a much more personal investment for anyone who wants to open a new savings account or take out a loan.

Your business is to provide members with the best and highest quality service possible. Your staff needs to focus on members and strengthening existing relationships to help maximize their spending—or saving—power. Putting your trust in Coinstar can save your business time and money.

Self-service or behind-the-counter coin machines

Does your credit union currently offer coin counting? There are many factors to take into account when operating your own do-it-yourself coin machine: the ongoing capital expense of coin machines and maintenance plans to support them, as well as extensive time and labor costs that go into carrying heavy coin bags—not to mention transportation and processing costs.

This is in addition to supplies, coin variance, and the reputational risk of operating your program. The costs for maintaining a coin counting program are endless. But Coinstar has a solution.

The Coinstar difference

Our entire business is coin counting. We handle the installation, set-up, preventative maintenance, diagnostics, reporting, and coin pickup and processing.

We offer a hassle-free, turnkey service, which means you and your employees don’t have to worry about handling heavy coin bags or labor-intensive maintenance.

We have unlimited free technical support so you can focus on making sure your members receive the highest quality of customer service. When you rely on Coinstar, you don’t need to waste time or money dealing with kiosks.

A proven platform

Coinstar has patented a low-profile, ultra-quiet coin processing machine specifically designed for the lobby of financial institutions. Our kiosks use proprietary technology for highly accurate and reliable coin counting that protects your business from financial and reputational risks.

Our specialized kiosk can be customized for your credit union branch to incorporate your logo into the machine user interface. Coinstar offers real-time insight into our kiosks, continually monitoring the network and kiosk for any technical issues, and forecasting coin capacity to maintain exceptional uptime.

Why choose Coinstar?

We strive to ensure that every credit union member who uses a Coinstar kiosk has the best coin-counting experience. We provide your members with the options they want.

Customers can convert their coins into cash, a no-fee e-gift card, or a charity donation. And now they can even deposit the coins directly into their checking or savings account (not available in North Dakota and Connecticut).

Members trust us with their coins and cash, and we take that trust and responsibility seriously. Our success is a result of advanced technology combined with a proven platform, reliable convenience, and a dedicated team of technicians and account managers.

For a cost analysis and to learn more, please visit our financial institutions page: coinstar.com/financial_institutions.