Awareness initiative needs buy-in from entire CU movement

April 23, 2019

Frank Chinn, board chair of Unitus Community CU, Portland, Ore., was a music teacher for 34 years, so he knows “you have to keep educating time and again” to make a lesson sink in, he wrote this week in CU Insight. Chinn said the same lessons are applicable to CUNA’s Awareness initiative.

“I think the biggest thing to understand is that this is not a replacement for credit union marketing plans. Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® is a brand-building campaign,” Chinn wrote. “We’re not trying to sell credit unions a product, we’re trying to raise consumer consideration of credit unions when they make financial decisions. Your credit union’s direct marketing approach is still needed! Open Your Eyes will complement what you’re already doing.”

Chinn adds that it is incumbent on the entire credit union movement to educate consumers as to “what credit unions are and to show them we are their best financial partners for their future and families.”

He pointed readers toward the below video for an outline of the initiative’s journey so far.


The Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® campaign has launched in Minnesota, the Carolinas and this week in Michigan, and early returns on video plays and media impressions have surpassed all expected benchmarks.

Chinn encouraged everyone to connect with their CEOs and senior staff, visit, and talk to their League to learn how Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® is going to open doors for credit unions across the country.