CUNA engaged w/ cannabis, beneficial owner hearings

June 17, 2019

Both the House and Senate are in session this week and will be conducting several hearings of note to credit unions. 

The House Small Business Committee will conduct a hearing Wednesday about small businesses in the legal cannabis industry. While CUNA takes no position on the legalization or decriminalization of cannabis, it supports legislation that would allow credit unions to offer services to cannabis-based businesses in places where it is legal. 

Other hearings CUNA will be engaged with this week include:

  • Wednesday, 10 a.m. (ET): Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, “Combating Kleptocracy: Beneficial Ownership, Money Laundering, and Other Reforms;”
  • Wednesday, 2 p.m. (ET): House Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust, commercial and administrative law hearing, “Oversight of Bankruptcy Law and Legislative Proposals;”
  • Thursday, 10 a.m. (ET): House Financial Services Committee hearing, “Diversity in the Boardroom: Examining Proposals to Increase the Diversity of America's Boards;”
  • Thursday, 10 a.m. (ET): Senate Banking Committee hearing, “Outside Perspectives on the Collection of Beneficial Ownership Information;” and
  • Thursday, 3 p.m. (ET): House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on oversight and investigations hearing, “The State Department and USAID FY 2020 Operations Budget.”