Dakotas, Indiana officially launch ‘Open Your Eyes to a CU’

July 8, 2019

Consumers in Indiana, North Dakota and South Dakota will start seeing Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® materials starting Monday as CUNA’s Awareness initiative officially expands to those states. Already active in MinnesotaNorth Carolina, South Carolina and Michigan, the campaign has reached 100 million impressions online and nearly 10 million people have watched the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® videos to completion.

“Expanding the groundbreaking Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® campaign to three additional states is very exciting for us, and for consumers in the Dakotas and Indiana,” said Chris Lorence, CUNA’s chief credit union awareness officer. “The campaign is already performing beyond our expectations and every time we’re able to secure a commitment in a new state we increase our momentum, with the ultimate goal of more Americans choosing credit unions as their best financial partner.”

Designed to raise consumer consideration of credit unions, the digital-first, category-level campaign takes on industry myths, targeting millennials and parents aged 25-54 who are not credit union members.

Campaign resources include and its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page, as well as other advertising directly in the states that have launched.

 “We are looking forward the launch of Open Your Eyes, and its ability to put credit unions at the forefront for consumers considering financial services and products. Becoming a leading state with this initiative has been possible due to the willingness of so many Indiana credit unions to make funding commitments,” said John McKenzie, president of the Indiana Credit Union League. “We appreciate their participation. Our state is also fortunate to have two credit union CEOs who have provided campaign leadership at the national level: INOVA FCU CEO Dallas Bergl, our League Chairman who is also on the CUNA Board, and Teachers CU CEO Paul Marsh, who is a member of CUNA’s Credit Union Consumer Consideration Committee.”

“We are very excited about the campaign here. From our perspective, now is the perfect time to enhance our consumer consideration potential in North Dakota, while building on the momentum of the growth in South Dakota. We have been successful in engaging our members by articulating the message that together, we can overcome the myths and barriers to growth,” said Jeff Olson, president/CEO of the Credit Union Association of the Dakotas. “I’m pleased to share that 75% of our affiliated Dakota credit unions are “all-in” and contributing to the awareness initiative, showing that credit unions in the Dakotas strongly believe in this effort. We can achieve measurable results across the country through this massive branding effort that carries a consistent, simple message that will be seen and heard by consumers nearly everywhere they go.”

Additional states are expected to announce their rollout of Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® in July.