Hazlett: Why it’s important to “Open Your Eyes”

July 25, 2019

Mountain West Credit Union Association Director of Corporate Communications wrote an op-ed for CUInsight on the important opportunity that the movement has to open consumers’ eyes to the benefits of joining a credit union. Hazlett’s op-ed noted that the initiative is rendering impressive numbers in the form of consumers reached.

“Now that there have been program launches in different parts of the country, we are able to gather and distill data that is extremely promising. The great news is that even in the sea of information overload, the campaign is reaching the targeted audience of younger prospective credit union members,” Hazlett wrote.

Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® is designed to raise consideration of credit unions as a brand category. The campaign’s digital-first strategy positions research-proven messages to disprove consumer myths associated with the ability to join and access to money.

“What this means for the rest of us who have not yet launched the program in our states is that we have untapped power just waiting for us to engage,” she added. “The credit union potential member base is large and somewhat unreached. With credit unions holding somewhere between 6-8% of the total market, we have a vast source of consumer to engage and reach with our message. That is entirely what the campaign is about.”

Consumers who engage with Open Your Eyes messaging will move to and find more on what drew their interest, such as credit union background and benefits, as well as finders for nearby credit union locations and ATMs/shared branches.

“Finding ways to creatively fund our participation in this program, across the nation, is critical to engage potential new members and move the needle on that percentage of the market,” Hazlett noted in her closing statement.