A healthy sense of adventure

Josh Kroll applies his passion for the outdoors into his marketing role.

August 21, 2019

Josh Kroll is passionate about life. He climbs mountains, runs races with his wife and son at his side, and plays guitar in his church’s worship band. 

He brings that same level of passion to his career. 

Josh Kroll

Click to enlarge. Josh Kroll has taken the lessons he’s learned climbing mountains and used them in his credit union career.

In fact, he’s taken away valuable lessons from his adventures in Glacier National Park and the Rocky Mountains and applied them to his career at Park Side Credit Union in Whitefish, Mont.

“Pursuing physical fitness teaches us so many healthy life lessons and translates to both finance and marketing through concepts such as discipline, consistency, and perseverance,” says Kroll, the vice president of marketing and business development at the $237 million asset credit union. 

Kroll first entered the credit union industry in Michigan. After a few years, Kroll and his wife moved to Montana for the outdoor recreation opportunities, and 10 years later, he has an enthusiastic dedication to Park Side. 

“Park Side is a unique place, and I’m so thankful for the culture that our leadership has established,” he says. 

Kroll has spearheaded several innovative programs at Park Side, including the Partner Program. 

“We select a few nonprofit organizations as Park Side Partners each year and develop close, personal relationships while offering them cross-promotion, shared advertising, employee volunteer support, and a significant financial contribution,” Kroll says. “Through this strategic philanthropy, we are gradually but surely creating an unparalleled network of cooperation.” 

Kroll sees every day, and even every email, as an exciting opportunity. 

“Many professionals complain about the vast number of emails that they receive,” he says. “But to me, each one is a fantastic opportunity to get to know someone better, make something happen, or do good work.”   

Never one to squander time, Kroll maximizes every minute spent with every person.

“Time is our most precious resource, so I’m very deliberate in how I spend it,” Kroll says. “I refuse to neglect either work or family, and it takes continual attention to make sure that all of the people in my life are getting the best of me.”

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