PODCAST: Making connections

Andrea Parrish believes in the power of social media.

September 12, 2019

Andrea Parrish jokes that her drug of choice is public speaking. She loves an audience.

As digital brand manager at $3 billion STCU in Spokane, Wash., her audience is a membership of 195,000. Her success in connecting with that audience—and beyond—earned her 2019 Credit Union Rock Star status from Credit Union Magazine and sponsored by Fiserv.

Parrish loves to share her knowledge. CUNA Director of Blended Learning Ariel Bilskey describes Parrish as “my personal rock star” for the assistance she’s provided with the CUNA Digital Marketing School as a speaker and content provider.

Parrish believes in the power of social media, not simply as a marketing tool but also for its ability to connect people and start meaningful conversations. She also believes in the power of questions to start those conversations.

“When you ask a question, it doesn’t have to be the perfect question, it’s just important that you’re inviting conversation,” she says. “That’s how people connect and empathize with others.”

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In this episode:

1:13: The story of her wedding—and aluminum cans

3:28: Her longtime interest in computers and the internet

4:47: How Parrish got started in credit unions

7:29: Her involvement with CUNA

10:02: Parrish's approach to social media

11:48: How her upbringing shaped her willingness to help others

14:12: About her podcast

15:45: About that tattoo…