Leaders from American Heritage CU visit credit unions in the Bahamas damaged by Hurricane Dorian.

American Heritage leaders visit to Bahamian CUs after Dorian

September 17, 2019

American Heritage CU President/CEO, Bruce K. Foulke, and Chief Operating Officer Scott McCaw performed a humanitarian trip to credit unions in the Bahamas that were impacted by Hurricane Dorian at the behest of the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU).

On Sept. 11, Foulke and McCaw arrived in the Bahamian Islands and observed the severe damage to the islands’ infrastructure as a result of the hurricane. They met with employees and members of the Public Workers' Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. branch in Freeport and provided damage assessment in order to facilitate global support from the credit union movement. 

Additionally, Foulke and McCaw provided counsel and aid to their fellow credit union colleagues so that they can resume operations as soon as possible and offer much-needed economic assistance to their members in this difficult time.

“Despite all of the logistical challenges facing the credit unions in the Bahamas – no electricity, no computers, and no water, the employees of those credit unions are working tirelessly and selflessly to serve their members,” said Foulke.  “The deep bond between the credit union staff and their members is more evident than ever in these difficult times, and the women and men of the Bahamian credit unions are demonstrating the finest moment in our movement’s philosophy of people helping people.”

“While the Bahamian credit unions are innovative and steadfast in providing solutions on the ground to their members, they desperately need both our prayers as well as our financial support,” stated Foulke.  “These credit unions need generators to serve their members, new computer systems, and other funding to help Bahamians get back on their feet. We ask our fellow American credit unions to support the WOCCU and the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions in their efforts to provide relief to the Bahamian Islands in whatever way possible. I have no doubt in my mind our credit union people will open their hearts.”

The Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions has set up a donation page at to help provide relief for the immediate needs of Bahamian credit union members and staff, as well as to address long-term building needs in The Bahamas.  Please select “Project Storm Break” to direct your contribution to Hurricane Dorian relief efforts.

Foulke served on the WOCCU Board and the WOCCU Foundation from 2012 to 2017. He also served as the Treasurer for both organizations and chairman of the Audit and Finance Committee. With Foulke’s encouragement as chairman of the Pennsylvania Credit Union League, he negotiated an agreement in 1999 with the Kenya Credit Union Association and the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association that they would work together on charitable and economic development endeavors. 

Foulke has facilitated learning sessions at American Heritage in Philadelphia for more than 60 credit unions officials and delegates from other countries, in sharing policies, best practices, board training courses and product knowledge.