ICU Day: ‘Local Service. Global Reach.’

How will you celebrate this year?

September 30, 2019

International Credit Union (ICU) Day is Oct. 17, with the theme, “Local Service. Global Reach.”

Held annually on the third Thursday of October, ICU Day celebrates the spirit of the global credit union movement.

Through ICU Day festivities worldwide, credit unions raise awareness through community outreach, organizing contests, charitable fundraisers, and open houses.

"ICU Day gives credit unions the opportunity to celebrate the credit union difference with their members, their local community and together with the global credit union movement," says Michelle Kamke, CUNA marketing projects manager.

Started in 1948, the day is celebrated by credit unions worldwide in a number of ways. Some sponsor open houses, picnics, fairs, festivals and parades. Others hold athletic competitions and essay or art contests for young members.

Public gatherings with visiting dignitaries attract media attention and public involvement, as have educational and public service events.

ICU Day logos and posters—as well as celebration ideas and other tips to create unique, memorable member experiences to help celebrate ICU Day—are available from CUNA and the World Council of Credit Unions.

Credit union and financial cooperative representatives and members everywhere are encouraged to share photos, events, experiences, and other ideas on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn using #ICUDay.

Tell us how you’ll be celebrating this year.