International Credit Union Day set for Oct. 17

October 10, 2019

The World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) will celebrate International Credit Union Day’s 71st anniversary on Oct. 17 with a daylong social media promotion of ICU Day activities and events spanning multiple continents.

International Credit Union Day® is held annually on the third Thursday of October to celebrate the spirit of the global credit union movement. Through ICU Day festivities worldwide, credit unions raise awareness through outreach and volunteering in the community, organizing contests, charitable fundraisers and open houses. 

As the international trade association and development platform for credit unions worldwide, World Council plans to showcase ICU Day 2019 celebrations from across the globe on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages throughout the day.

“This year’s theme for ICU Day is ‘Local Service. Global Reach.’ What better way to emphasize our role in that effort than to highlight the local service credit unions from around the world are providing to their members and staff,” said Brian Branch, World Council president/CEO.

In addition to promoting what credit unions across the globe are doing, WOCCU professionals will also provide ICU Day 2019 messages from different corners of the world.

Credit unions who would like to have their ICU Day 2019 activities or events featured on World Council’s social media pages can email before Oct. 17, or simply tag their social media posts on ICU Day 2019 with the hashtags #ICUDay and #WOCCU.

ICU Day logos and posters—as well as celebration ideas and other tips to create unique, memorable member experiences to help celebrate ICU Day—are available at CUNA’s ICU Day page and WOCCU’s ICU Day page.

Stay tuned to CUNA News in the days after ICU Day for a full recap on how credit unions celebrated around the world.