Financial education over the airwaves
Firefly Community Education Specialist Geoff Bullock and social influencer Giselle Ugarte talk through life’s biggest financial questions on the credit union's new podcast, "Now What?"

Financial education over the airwaves

Firefly Credit Union goes beyond seminars to spread financial wellness among young adults.

October 16, 2019

When Firefly Credit Union found that young adults weren’t enthused about sitting in a classroom to learn about money management, the Burnsville, Minn.-based credit union took to the airwaves to share its financial education message.

“Our traditional classroom seminars for seniors were well attended, but our seminars targeting young adults were getting fewer participants,” says Geoff Bullock, community engagement and education specialist at the $1.3 billion asset credit union. “To better reach young adults, we decided to think outside the box, and our radio program and podcast education plan was born.”

Firefly partnered with a radio station that targets young adults.

“Our ‘Money Monday’ program has been running for over a year,” says Bullock. “Every Monday morning, we talk about a financial topic such as credit or budgeting in the first segment, and then we take calls from listeners.”

The credit union has received positive feedback about the program, including testimonials from families who applied for car loans or mortgages because they heard a "Money Monday" segment, he notes.

Geoff Bullock

‘Our seminars targeting young adults were getting fewer participants.’

Geoff Bullock

“One especially unexpected outcome has been the number of job applicants who cite learning about Firefly from the radio show on their job applications,” Bullock says. “It makes sense because the station is aimed at young adults, but it’s a cool outcome we didn’t plan for.”

He says Firefly’s weekly podcast, “Now What?”, is a next step from the radio show.

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“It’s more in-depth, features special guests, and is available on all podcast platforms,” Bullock says. “We just released season one and it was such a hit that we are recording now for season two.”

Firefly also offers “Learn @ Work,” which provides seminars on personal and financial wellness topics to workplaces and other local organizations. The seminars are held at various times to accommodate people who don’t work a 9-to-5 schedule.

That includes a midnight seminar for third-shift employees—people who previously thought they were not eligible for such events.

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