Congress working on appropriations bills as funding expires Dec. 20

December 13, 2019

Federal government funding is scheduled to expire Dec. 20, and reports indicate Congress has reached a tentative agreement to prevent funding from lapsing. Should no agreement be reached by Dec. 20, the federal government would shut down.

In the event of a shutdown, credit unions around the country are prepared to assist affected members, as they did during the 35-day shutdown that ended in January 2019.

During the 2018-2019 shutdown, more than 500 credit unions:

  • Assisted more than 79,000 affected members;
  • Issued more than $100 million in low- to no-interest loans; and
  • Issued more than 26,000 loan extensions and other modifications, often with fees waived.

During the shutdown, more than 3,000 Americans joined a credit union, recognizing the ways credit unions best met their needs during such an emergency.

CUNA/League collaboration through the shutdown led to the creation of CUNA’s shutdown assistance page, documenting credit union efforts. This information has been used in advocacy efforts to highlight the credit union difference to legislators and other policymakers.