Make the most of your member messaging

Make the most of member messaging

5 best practices for communicating effectively and efficiently.

January 8, 2020

Although sending text messages is second nature for many, messaging for credit unions requires more nuance.

Here are five best practices to put your best foot forward when communicating with members.

1. Make messages valuable

The argument for texting members is strong: Nine out of 10 consumers prefer messaging when communicating with businesses.

But before hitting send, ask if the text is relevant and what value it adds. By consistently providing valuable messages, members will anticipate these communications and will be much more likely to open and consume their content.

Sending unnecessary and frivolous messages will cause members to actively avoid your messages because they may view them as intrusive and annoying. Use messaging wisely to establish trusting relationships with your members.

2. Make messages personal

Personalized messaging can make a huge difference when building relationships with members. Addressing recipients by name can make them feel as though the message was constructed with them specifically in mind.

Include personalized details and tailor-fit promotions to show the relationship is important and their loyalty is valuable. When members feel this added sense of trust, they feel more inclined to engage.

3. Respect business hours

A message is much less likely to be well-received or even noticed in the middle of the night. Make note of your members’ time zones and when they are most likely to engage with a message.

Bombarding them with messages outside of normal working hours can be intrusive, which can harm your efforts to build loyal relationships.

4. Check your work

While proofreading may seem obvious, it’s easy to quickly hit send before checking your message.

Autocorrect may change something at the last moment, and misspellings, typos, and other avoidable mistakes come across unprofessional and careless.

Don’t let silly errors hurt your chances of building valuable relationships. Take the extra moment to check your work.

5. Get permission

Compliance regulations play a big role in sending messages. Leverage your messaging in a secure and compliant way to boost member engagement and enhance the overall member experience.

There are several ways to obtain important consent including messaging signups, email campaigns, and in-person approvals. Check out Eltropy’s Credit Union’s Guide to Text Message Compliance to learn more.

BRITTANY FARB GRUBER is head of marketing for Eltropy, a CUNA Strategic Services alliance provider.