Robin Brule

Powerful partnerships

Robin Brulé forges cross-sector connections.

January 31, 2020

As a professional in the nonprofit sector, Robin Brulé partnered with $2.4 billion Nusenda Credit Union in Albuquerque, N.M., for more than 20 years.

Today, she continues her community work as a credit union employee.

After joining the membership development department in 2011, Brulé held various community relations positions before taking on her current role as chief community engagement officer. It’s a continuation of a long career devoted to improving financial stability for New Mexicans.

“New Mexico faces challenges with multifaceted and intergenerational poverty,” Brulé says. “Nusenda has stepped up to move the needle and increase economic well-being.”

Brulé has led many of these efforts. To improve financial literacy, she worked with teachers to develop a financial education curriculum for schools that aligns with the state’s education requirements.

“It’s a way to provide a necessary skill set in an educational format that actually reaches students and supports teachers,” Brulé says.

‘I ground myself in listening to where those opportunities are.’
Robin Brulé

When Brulé learned that many University of New Mexico students were one emergency away from having to drop out of school, she partnered with the university on Powering Success, which provides emergency microloans and financial capability training.

The program has contributed to increased graduation and retention rates.

Brulé also oversees Community Rewards, a direct giving program that distributes $500,000 annually, and Co-op Capital, which has originated more than $600,000 in loans since 2015 to help traditionally underserved borrowers fund small businesses, pay off debt, or pursue education.

In all of her work, Brulé considers what community members say they need.

“I ground myself in listening to where those opportunities are,” she says. “If I can help support people in having better economic outcomes, that’s what keeps me going every day.”