Latest MAP campaign highlights ‘Credit Unions Vote’

February 20, 2020

CUNA launched its latest Member Activation Program (MAP) campaign Wednesday, calling on MAP credit unions to reach out to members with information on the “Credit Unions Vote” campaign in advance of most state primaries and caucuses.

“’Credit Unions Vote’ is a campaign focused on getting credit union members to vote in the 2020 elections. The credit union movement fosters an environment of community involvement and is encouraging members to make their voice heard with their vote,” said Adam Engelman, CUNA director of federal grassroots and programs. “Credit unions can direct members to, and members can make sure they're registered, locate their polling place, and cast their vote early if applicable.”

MAP is a program designed to get credit union members involved in advocacy. Member credit unions receive customizable content, including long- and short-form email templates, that can be merged with a credit union’s current marketing and communications efforts to reach members.

Additional information on MAP can be found on CUNA’s MAP homepage and CUNA’s MAP Community.