Booth 443: On the air and on the cover
Basin Federal Credit Union’s Alexandra Christopher (right) talks to CUNA’s Jennifer Plager about her experience as a conference Crasher during a CUNA News Podcast interview sponsored by Symitar.

Booth 443: On the air and on the cover

CUNA News staff records podcasts, snaps magazine cover photos in Exhibit Hall.

February 26, 2020

While attendees explored the Exhibit Hall, the CUNA News staff collected stories about how credit unions make a difference in members' lives and how providers assist credit unions with cutting-edge products and services.

With an “On Air” sign in the background, Deputy Editor Bill Merrick and Senior Editor Jennifer Plager conducted interviews with more than 20 people for the CUNA News Podcast in a booth sponsored by Symitar.

Topics included technology innovations, advocacy, credit union challenges, financial literacy and well-being, data analytics, lending, and more.



We'll release these interviews in future episodes of the CUNA News Podcast.

GAC Photo Booth

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At the same time, other staff members operated a photo booth that put attendees' pictures on the cover of Credit Union Magazine, sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group.

More than 150 credit union champions stepped in front of the camera to adorn the magazine's cover.

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