CUNA leaders provide context for advocacy goals during CUNA GAC

February 27, 2020

As more than 5,500 credit union leaders attended CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC), which included visits to just about every office on Capitol Hill, CUNA leaders also placed policy goals in publications that reach both Congressional offices and the credit union community.

The ways credit unions advance communities, the need for data security legislation, the importance of raising credit union awareness, the need to tell stories and the community benefits of governance updates were all discussed on the CUNA GAC stage, but also laid out in detail in the pages of various publications, giving important context to policymakers that spent time with credit union advocates throughout the week.

  • CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle in The Hill, one of the most widely read publications in Congressional offices, expressed dismay that Congress may not pass data security and privacy legislation this year, as “we need Congress to pass legislation that sets a strong national data security and privacy standard that considers the data collected, not the collector of that data. That is, whether you’re collecting and storing consumer data for a credit union, a school, or a local shop owner, that data must be treated the same, irrespective of the institution’s business model.”
  • Nussle, in CUToday, also shared why it’s vitally important to update credit union governance, as “updating the federal charter, Congress can allow credit unions to better meet the growing need for local, consumer-first access to a financial institution in rural and working-class communities across the country.” Multiple modernization bills were introduced in Congress during CUNA GAC.
  • Nussle also wrote in CUInsight, expanding on his CUNA GAC address on how credit unions can tell their story, particularly the “and then” story, which by “taking this storytelling one step further, using these ‘and then’ moments to remind lawmakers about the on-the-ground difference that credit unions provide, will help our movement grow in ways unimaginable.”
  • CUNA Chief Advocacy Officer Ryan Donovan took on the truth about banks selling to credit unions, “allows [bank] customers to retain a local financial partner and reap the benefits that credit unions provide — better loans, fewer fees and the understanding that the members, not bank shareholders, are the center of the business. Selling the bank to a Wall Street bank rather than a credit union would basically be turning over the keys to a stranger with very different motives.”
  • Executive Director of CU Awareness Chris Lorence wrote Credit Union Times about the growth mindset that is needed for credit unions to bring about the success of the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® campaign, which “for over 1,000 credit unions, two system partners and CUNA… fuels the first and only national campaign to advance broader consumer consideration for credit unions. Their belief in the campaign’s mission and the long-term objective of creating new credit union die-hards has brought about an amazing – and growing – groundswell among our industry.”