CUNA leaders talk advocacy, 2020 elections, data privacy

March 9, 2020

The record-breaking 2020 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) kept attendees busy throughout the event with general sessions, breakout sessions, the exhibit hall and networking opportunities. During CUNA GAC a number of CUNA leaders sat down with CUBroadcast to talk about current credit union issues, including Chief Advocacy Officer Ryan Donovan, Deputy Chief Advocacy Officer for Political Action Trey Hawkins and Senior Director of Advocacy for Payments and Cybersecurity Lance Noggle.

Previous CUBroadcast interviews from CUNA GAC featured President/CEO Jim Nussle, Chief Engagement Officer Greg Michlig and Senior Policy Analyst Samira Salem; as well as Chris Lorence, executive director of Credit Union Awareness, Elizabeth Eurgubian, deputy chief advocacy officer and Tom Sakash, manager of small credit union initiatives.

Donovan shared how CUNA’s 2020 advocacy agenda is carefully designed on a foundation of demonstrating how credit unions are helping to advance financial wellness, and what policies would allow increased serve to underserved communities and populations.


Hawkins discussed CUNA’s plans for the 2020 election cycle, including investing $7 million to support credit union friendly candidates. He also talked about how CUNA works with Leagues and credit unions to find credit union champions among candidates around the country, particularly when a seat opens up.


Noggle highlighted why data privacy and security is a top priority for CUNA, Leagues, credit unions and credit union members, and why a national standard will best serve all groups involved. He also addressed Google’s “Project Cache.”