POPi/o offers free video member service option

POPi/o offers free video member service option

Technology offers alternative touchpoint during pandemic.

March 18, 2020

CUNA Strategic Services and POPi/o are providing free video seat licenses for credit unions to use for maintaining business continuity during the COVID-19 epidemic.

POPi/o is offering 10,000 video seat licenses of a limited version of its video banking platform at no cost to credit unions. 

“We feel this will help address possible branch closure and member service needs,” said POPi/o President/CEO Gene Pranger. “We want to make sure credit unions have the right resources available to assist their members at this critical time.”

POPi/o’s seat licenses can be used by credit unions to provide web and mobile-based video service for credit unions to stay in contact with their members. Members click on a link from a computer to activate the video platform. The member can interact with the credit union staff to exchange documents, including photo IDs, review documents, and provide signatures to authorize new accounts, new loans, and address other urgent account needs.

He said the ability to exchange documents within a socially distant environment—while still maintaining personal contact with members—is ideal under the current environment created by the COVID-19 threat. “It offers the ability to trade documents back and forth and exchange legal signatures,” Pranger said. “You can do anything over our system that you can do face to face within a branch, with the exception of distributing cash.”

Just as importantly, members don’t have to worry about touching a foreign environment, Pranger says. Also, credit union employees aren’t required to work in a centralized environment to serve members through the POPi/o solution, enabling contact center employees and member service representatives to work from home.

“We understand credit unions are closing branches and looking for alternative service options,” Pranger said. “We feel an obligation to help the industry that we serve and hope credit unions take us up on this offer.”