Reaching people through social media

March 20, 2020

Social media is a quick way to amplify the impact credit unions have on their communities and to share information about business operations.

Here are some tips for using social media to reach your members.

For posting on social media during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic:

  • Use a calm, authentic tone when posting.
    • Financial stress and worry are high right now, so a calm tone will help put members at ease.
  • Don’t share unconfirmed reports or fear-mongering content.
    • Credit unions serve to support their members and communities, not incite fear or panic.
  • Keep posting at a normal cadence.
    • There are an overwhelming number of posts related to COVID-19 right now, so over-posting may cause frustration or anxiety for members.
  • If running paid campaigns, consider pausing them for the time being.
    • Members do not want to be “sold” products or services that may be considered unessential right now.

For business operation updates:

  • If you’ve changed your operating hours, update your Facebook page and Google listing with your new hours.
  • Include a link to your credit union resource page in every post so that members can see previous updates they may have missed.
  • Proactively post answers to questions you’ve seen from multiple members.

For stories about serving your members and the community:

  • Use #CUDifference to bring awareness to stories that remind people of the good credit unions do for their communities and members.
    • #CUDifference moments tell a positive story about credit unions and show the impact credit unions are making in their community.
      • For example, skip-a-payment, loan deferrals, or other services that can help ease a member’s financial anxiety
    • #CUDifference shouldn’t be used for promotional offers or rewards that credit unions provide (i.e. a new credit card)