Michigan, Md./D.C. League heads talk CU difference on local news

April 7, 2020

As credit unions continue to serve members affected by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), credit union leaders from around the country continue to engage with local media to share how the credit union difference continues to work. A group of League officials recently spoke on local radio, and more recently Michigan Credit Union League President/CEO Dave Adams and Maryland & D.C. Credit Union Association President/CEO John Bratsakis both appeared on local news in recent days.

Adams, appearing on West Michigan’s Fox 17, discussed the importance of continued access to

Credit unions are designated as essential service providers for a good reason during these times. Surely we’re all concerned about the health crisis, but so many families and individuals are concerned about their personal finances, as are small businesses,” he said. “Credit unions are in the trenches, we’re open for business to help consumers and small businesses with their financial concerns right now.”

Bratsakis appeared on Washington, D.C.’s ABC7 to talk about what mortgage forbearance and restrictions on evictions means for consumers and what they should do if they run into financial trouble.  

“The first and most important thing is: pick up the phone and call your financial institution and let them know your situation,” he said.