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In-depth insights for advanced compliance strategy

April 9, 2020

Whether it’s your first examination or your fiftieth, intricate regulatory standards are enough to make any compliance professional sweat. And while your brain is occupied with worry, you’re not able to focus on the rest of your important responsibilities.

An examination can be a high-stakes scenario, but the right information and guidance can help you find peace of mind.

CUNA Compliance Professional eSchool is designed specifically to help professionals in the credit union industry understand the most relevant current issues affecting compliance at credit unions. We operate on one simple philosophy: That your time is valuable and keeping your credit union operating smoothly is a healthier use of that time than suffering needless stress over regulations that can shift.

By joining us just once or twice a month from May 13-August 11, 2020, you’ll find out if your credit union is where it needs to be in areas like cybersecurity and small dollar lending and receive actionable strategies to improve performance in areas that may need some tune up.

You can learn more about this eSchool at