Greg Glawson

PODCAST: Building digital trust

Privacy-enhancing technology leads to more secure member service.

April 15, 2020

As technology advances and data becomes increasingly important, protecting member and data privacy is vital. Data breaches occur every day, and consumers are more aware of privacy issues than ever before. But with the right privacy-enhancing technology, credit unions can balance consumer trust and the need to leverage data for better service.

Greg Glawson, chief information officer at UNIFY Financial Credit Union in Torrance, California, discusses the privacy landscape and how his credit union uses solutions like MemberPass, which leverages privacy-enhancing technology, to build digital trust with members. Glawson leads UNIFY Financial’s technology and information security operations, establishing a secure environment that will sustain the credit union for the future of consumer banking.



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In this episode:

1:37: Recent changes in the privacy landscape

3:18: A holistic approach to privacy

4:18: Current data security concerns

5:39: Member trust and protection

6:46: How data translates to member solutions

7:53: Balancing privacy and friction-free service

11:59: A more efficient customer response team

13:33: Privacy during the coronavirus pandemic

14:16: Conversations at the national level

16:09: Educating consumers about privacy

17:57: Best practices to implement

21:27: How to keep up with changing technology