Member Driven Technologies

VPN needs re-engineered for remote work

Member Driven Technologies offers guidance on VPN structure, PowerOn, and Skip-A-Pay.

April 23, 2020

Member Driven Technologies (MDT), a credit union service organization that hosts the Episys core platform from Symitar to provide a private cloud alternative for core processing and IT needs, is dedicated to providing its more than 100 credit union clients with helpful resources during this uncertain time.

As clients deployed hundreds of laptops to allow employees to work remotely, MDT proactively re-engineered its existing remote VPN infrastructure, resulting in seamless connectivity in the transition.

MDT also is offering clients six PowerOn solutions, tools that enable virtually unlimited Episys customization, for free. The available PowerOns include card limit refresh, loan modification, loan rate reduction, preference transfer limits, remote deposit capture batch limit change, and Reg D limit change.

MDT also is waiving the Skip-A-Pay implementation fee through the end of May, as well as providing clients with a comprehensive resource package with detailed guidance about how to waive fees, modify loans and adjust limits.