Enhanced threat detection for remote work

Adlumin’s OVERWATCH decreases response times.

April 23, 2020

In an effort to support customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Adlumin is offering access to its 24/7 security operations center service, OVERWATCH, for free for three weeks.

Additionally, Adlumin launched a new automated cybersecurity examination tool (ACET).

OVERWATCH helps financial institutions implement a managed compliance, detection, and response program. It combines all aspects of IT and security automation into a single service that includes a managed SIEM, compliance automation, vulnerability scans, and penetration testing. This service helps combat the capacity concerns that credit unions currently are facing within their IT teams.

During the pandemic, many credit unions have moved to a remote workforce. OVERWATCH quickly enhances threat detection and response times by continuously scanning and monitoring a network for threats, malfunctions, and IT operation failures. The deployment process helps strengthen IT operations in fewer than 75 minutes.

To support credit unions, Adlumin also has built the ACET into its SIEM according to NCUA guidelines. The goal of the ACET portal is to assess the cybersecurity maturity of organizations and prepare them for the NCUA cyberexamination.

Adlumin understands that many of their customers are fully occupied managing day-to-day operations and working closely with their customers in a new environment. They stand in solidarity with credit unions during this time of COVID-19 and realize the severe impact it’s having on businesses around the world.

Adlumin was recently included in Forbes’ list of fintech firms providing free technology during the coronavirus crisis and is honored to help ease any issues IT teams currently are dealing with.

Adlumin is a Credit Union National Association associate business member.