‘SAFE Credit YOUnion’ celebrates frontline heroes

‘SAFE Credit YOUnion’ celebrates frontline heroes

Media campaign honors and thanks those keeping us safe and providing essential services.

April 29, 2020

SAFE Credit Union in Folsom, Calif., has launched a media campaign to honor and thank those in the medical industry, first responders, grocery workers, and others keeping the community safe and providing essential services.

The campaign pivots on the SAFE Credit YOUnion advertising campaign, which places real members front and center.

“Our ‘You’ campaign features the faces of members and our community,” says Erica Dias, vice president of marketing and communication at the $3 billion asset credit union. “At this time it’s only natural to pivot to our community members who are first responders, and many of them are part of our membership. It’s appropriate to say thank you.”

The credit union shares that sentiment through images featured on billboards, TV ad spots, and social media.

Dias says it was important to feature real people in the campaign. “We used people who work and live in our region,” she says. “They were touched to participate.”

The credit union serves roughly 35,000 members in the health care, public sector, and grocery industries

Dias says tying into SAFE’s existing brand was economical and timely, which was important given the dynamic nature of the coronavirus environment.

Many organizations have pulled their advertising spots because of the pandemic, Dias says. “These spots didn’t just fit our brand, they showed our appreciation.”

The reactions on social media have been positive, she says. The campaign video has been viewed more than 13,000 times on Facebook.

“Social posts had some of the highest engagement we’ve ever experienced,” Dias says. “People need a positive message at a time like this.”