‘Yes, We’re Open’

Credit unions tap marketing campaign, free webinars from Tyfone.

April 28, 2020

As a digital banking provider, Tyfone's product has, at times, been the largest and highest volume for their credit union customers. With the swift shutdown of many businesses to public traffic, our solution became their only branch.

After an immediate “all hands-on deck call” with current customers, Tyfone quickly learned from their feedback that they needed to act quickly and reprioritize features and solutions in its product roadmap that could help solve immediate and future issues its credit union partners and their members were facing.

An example of this was to reprioritize offering a video banking solution between members and member service representatives. Due to the nature of the social strain caused by COVID-19, Tyfone immediately pulled back its outbound sales efforts and turned its focus to supporting its customers.

The company quickly launched a Yes, We’re Open! marketing campaign for its customers to use to highlight that while retail branches may be closed or operating with social distancing practices, credit unions are always open on their digital banking platforms.

The company also launched its Tyfone Partner Spotlight webinar series. These webinars are short and to the point, 30 minutes, twice a week. Each webinar features a new company that offers a unique solution that helps credit unions better serve their members.

The webinars are recorded and then hosted on Tyfone’s website for those who can’t attend.

After the company quickly switched to a remote-work-only company, almost overnight, it immediately felt a loss of community and contact with peers. Tyfone took a credit unions’ approach on communities and the people in them. Tyfone looked for opportunities to support its local community to help support those greatly affected by the changes of the Covid-19 landscape.

While this may not be directly supporting a credit union specifically, it’s helping support the communities in which credit union members work and live.

For more information, contact hello@tyfone.com.