Remote training bridges the gap

April 29, 2020

Virtual training bridges the physical gap the COVID-19 pandemic created between credit union trainers and employees who need new skills, says Alicia Steindorf, CUNA’s director, online learning strategy.

Steindorf’s team develops CPD Online courses used by credit unions nationwide. She shares six tips for successful virtual training:

1. Blend training approaches. Use both synchronous training, where everyone learns the content together in a live event via videoconferencing, and asynchronous training, where self-directed participants learn by watching a video, reading, or taking an online course.

2. Engage learners. Video, discussion, annotation tools, chat functions, and screen sharing can boost engagement.

3. Use two-way video when possible to catch learners’ nonverbal cues.

4. Keep sessions to 90 minutes or less. For every 90 minutes of training, offer at least a 15-minute break.

5. Look for free tools. Trainers can record videos on an iPad or smartphone, use Skype for Business to create a one-to-one link to walk an employee through a process, or upload content created by your credit union to a learning management system such as CPD Online.

Check with your information technology department to learn about tools the credit union already owns.

6. Be empathetic. Remember, everyone is under stress.