8 ways to attract diverse talent

8 ways to attract diverse talent

Rethink your recruitment strategy, from your recruiting team to your job postings.

May 13, 2020

Recruiting diverse candidates requires an active approach from human resource leaders, according to “Credit Unions as Champions of Inclusive Leadership,” a white paper from the CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council.

The paper offers ideas for rethinking your recruitment strategy, from what your recruiting team looks like to how you put together a job posting. They include:

1. Reflect who you want to hire

Think about your recruitment and hiring team. Is it a diverse group? Recruiters and hiring specialists often are the first people to interact with potential candidates.

Having a diverse recruiting team demonstrates your organization is committed to hiring a diverse workforce. It brings together different experiences and perspectives on your team, which can aid in making inclusive hiring decisions.

2. Go where your candidates are

It’s tempting to post a job opening online and leave it at that.

But sending recruiters to community job fairs, veteran employment events, and hiring events at college campuses serving historically underrepresented students can broaden your range of candidates.

3. Don’t overstuff job postings

Position listings that include an exhaustive and overstated list of requirements can deter applicants.

For example, a 2017 Allegis Group study revealed that only 28% of hiring managers expect candidates to meet every qualification listed.

But some applicants won’t apply if they don’t think they meet every stated requirement.

4. Use inclusive language in job postings

Friendly, positive language goes a long way toward encouraging applicants to pursue a career with your credit union. Overly technical, impersonal listings can deter job seekers from applying.

Welcoming language can show people how they might fit in at your credit union.

‘Flexible schedules, childcare support, and student loan repayment assistance can attract a broader employee demographic.’


5. Emphasize advancement

Many younger workers prefer to work for a company that provides growth opportunities, such as clear paths to career progression or new challenges.

These applicants will appreciate hearing stories from employees who have advanced within the company or worked on an innovative project.

6. Review your benefits package

Flexible schedules, childcare support, and student loan repayment assistance can attract a broader employee demographic.

7. Present diverse candidates to hiring managers

Studies show that having one candidate who is significantly different from the others can create an unconscious bias, making that individual stand out as a riskier hire.

Aim to present candidate pools with half or more diverse candidates to signal that inclusivity is the norm.

8. Be open up to experiences from other industries

Candidates don’t necessarily need previous financial services experience to be a great fit for your credit union.

People with backgrounds in other industries often have skills that translate well to credit unions. And being open to a broader candidate field can draw a more diverse applicant pool.

Recruiting a diverse workforce also contributes to increased employee retention and the development of strong leadership skills, the white paper reports.

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