CUNA Board passes resolution committing to advance equitable service to black communities

June 4, 2020

The CUNA Board of Directors voted Thursday to pass a resolution in response to the national conversation surrounding the murder of George Floyd and the disparities faced by black Americans. The resolution follows CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle’s commitment earlier this week that the organization would be an advocate against social injustice.

“The credit union mission of ‘people helping people’ calls on us to recognize the inequities facing black members and black communities. We can and should do more to listen, learn, speak up, and take action to help dismantle racial disparities,” said CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle. “Given CUNA’s leadership role within the credit union movement, it is far past time that we speak out and support efforts to break down the systems that enable racism. We look forward to working with the Leagues and system partners, including the African American Credit Union Coalition, to deliver meaningful change in the credit union system and — most importantly — the lives of credit union members.”

The Board also expressed an expectation that the Credit Union Movement to live the mission of “people helping people” rooted in compassion for all people, noting that it is important to:

  • Recognize the historic, systemic, and institutional racism toward black people and black communities; 
  • Stand against racism and discrimination;  
  • Be made up of employers that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion where employees feel valued, safe, included, respected, and justly treated regardless of their racial identity; and     
  • Be unwavering in its commitment to deepen and support black and other historically marginalized communities by promoting financial inclusion, equity, and economic opportunity, recognizing the mission of “people helping people” and the Movement’s unique position to be a catalyst for change.

The resolution also directs CUNA to work with credit union system partners, including the African American Credit Union Coalition, to create measurable ways that the organization can commit to action by August 10, the anniversary of the creation of the credit union system.  

CUNA Board Chair and President/CEO of Northwest Credit Union Association Troy Stang recognized the moment, stating: 

“The CUNA Board took an important first step today to reinforce and proclaim its stance that supporting members of our community and families who have been marginalized and agonized by racism is a top priority for CUNA and the Credit Union Movement. The time is now to do more and to be intentional about our words and our actions to advance our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Credit unions are founded on the “People Helping People” principle and make a positive difference in the lives of millions of members every day. We are committed to listening to African American voices, learning from their experiences, and taking immediate action to be a part of positive change in our country and at home.”