Jayne Hitman and Paul Robert

PODCAST: A time for leadership

During a crisis, communication makes all the difference.

June 11, 2020

Perhaps at no time is an organization’s culture more on display than during a crisis. Jayne Hitman and Paul Robert assist credit unions in shaping their cultures to shine at just these moments.

Hitman is national relationship manager for CUNA Creating Member LoyaltyTM (CML), a comprehensive development strategy with expert guidance focused on increasing employee engagement and the member experience.

Paul Robert is CEO of FI Strategies, LLC, a strategic partner for CML.

Hitman and Robert will appear regularly on the CUNA News Podcast in a new series on service culture.

In this episode, Hitman and Robert discuss the value of communication during a crisis and how leadership can shape an organization’s direction through intentional, transparent messaging. As Hitman says in this interview, “Keep it simple and focus on your people.”

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In this episode:

1:30: Advice for leaders during challenging times

4:30: How credit unions can attract quality employees

7:10: Why technology has been a differentiator during pandemic

9:22: How credit unions have adjusted to the “new normal”

13:47: Why collaboration is more important than ever

15:11: Maintaining transparent communication with employees and members

19:20: How credit unions can show their appreciation for employees