Antonio Neves

PODCAST: How to thrive in a crisis

Consider new paths to career development during the pandemic.

June 18, 2020

For many young professionals, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created uncertainty about career progression and goals. Workplaces are still in flux as credit unions and other companies adapt to the ever-changing environment. Professional relationships also continue to change, with networking and mentorship opportunities paused or moved to virtual channels to comply with social distancing.

CUNA recently held a webinar to help young professionals navigate their careers during the current crisis. The session provided career development guidance from nationally recognized speaker, author, coach, and 2020 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference emcee Antonio Neves. This podcast episode presents highlights from the webinar.

Neves explains the importance of having a personal development plan, building a network, and finding ways to get engaged and noticed for future promotions. He also discusses how young professionals can add value at their credit unions and thrive within unusual circumstances.

The webinar was sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group.


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In this episode:

6:14: Find grace for yourself

7:45: Find your North Star

10:40: Lead with what matters

14:52: Document your wins

18:26: Reintroduce yourself

23:22: Build your "personal board of directors"

29:19: Get coached

34:20: Start learning again

39:15: Take action on your ideas

41:43: Ask for help