Antonio Neves

Inspiration from a ‘man morning’

Weekly gathering leads to personal and professional insights.

June 24, 2020

To find inspiration, look no further than the people you call your allies.

For Antonio Neves, it’s the seven men he gathers with weekly for an early morning hike.

Dubbed the “man morning,” Neves and his friends spend an hour walking around town and discussing various topics related to work, marriage, or their personal lives, and gaining feedback.

“It’s a positive group,” Neves says. “People are there to support you, not shoot you down. They’re going to hold you accountable. They are there to call you up as opposed to calling you out.”

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Even when the coronavirus hit, Neves says the group continued to be inspirational. Instead of hiking around town, the group convened for weekly video chats where they continue to check in on each other and share ideas.

“It has been valuable during this challenging time,” Neves says. “And we have no plans to push pause.”

That’s because the time spent interacting, conversing, and listening to others has proven to be valuable—not only for the advice and feedback they receive about their own questions, but because discussing other people’s issues can lead to insights for yourself, Neves says.

“Sometimes the most powerful moments are during those light hikes when I don’t even say a word; when I’m listening to or supporting someone else,” he says. “We sometimes make it all about ourselves, but our breakthroughs come when we help others. We get those ‘ding, ding, ding’ moments for our own problems when we help others.”

Neves is an author, speaker, coach, and emcee at CUNA's 2020 Governmental Affairs Conference.